Market Commentary

World renowned economic geologist Dr. Keith Barron takes the mic with his brand of Straight Talk on geology and market matters. Get the news with commentary from a perspective born from decades of on-the-ground passion and a successful track record.

Applying the paddles to the US economy.

US Dollars

Many of us have seen television medical dramas where the patient’s heart has stopped. The doctor grabs two paddles connected up to a machine, applies them to the chest, yells “clear” so everyone backs away, and shoots a jolt of electricity into the patient. Invariably, this is repeated a couple …

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The silver market is taking off!

Raw Silver

Market overview The silver market is taking off! Two reasons: the New York tragedy and all that it entails, and the placing in “voluntary administration” (September 19th) of Australian company Pasminco Ltd., which is the world’s largest integrated lead and zinc producer, and, according to their website, the world’s third …

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In the beginning…

Gold Bar

Hello out there in cyber land. This is the first in a series of educational essays concerning geology, mining, exploration, and the mining investment scene. I am pleased to see how many people out there want to become more savvy investors. The response to my Gold- and articles …

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