Yearly Archives: 2002

Bull Riding Ain’t Just for Texans

It never fails to amaze me; the material that passes for informed financial journalism these days. Most of it is complete fluff – the worst of it is actually hazardous to your financial well-being. The gold story continues to be dumbed-down into bite-sized, easily-digestible morsels by the mainstream media. This …

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Let’s Get Physical!

Every few days or so I get a question from someone about purchasing physical gold. Randall Oliphant of Barrick Gold recently said in an interview that most new gold production goes into the jewellery market, predominantly in India, and talked about the gold business benefiting from a jewellery marketing campaign. …

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There’s gold in them thar hills!

Mining for gold

Market commentary Gold is now sitting at a 2 year high and things have never looked more golden. Marshall McLuhan said “The medium is the message.” Many commentators overlook an extremely important factor in today’s market reality and that is getting your message out – not so much the content …

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The Gold Share Market Entering a Second Phase

The Gold Share Market Entering a Second Phase In the past week the Canadian national newspaper, the National Post, had a special insert on Mutual Funds: the Precious Metals Fund category average one-year return as of March 31st was 68.49%, the highest of any mutual fund category. Under the caption …

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Market Commentary

Market commentary What a week it has been! There have been numerous reports for the last two weeks of the Japanese piling into the yellow metal, in advance of the March 31st cap on bank deposit insurance. Those who watched ABC Evening News in the USA tonight were treated to …

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Report From Vancouver: Part 1


Report from Vancouver (Part 1) We just attended the Vancouver Investment Conference in beautiful British Columbia, which was timed to finish just as the British Columbia and Yukon Chamber of Mines Conference started, in the elegant setting of the Hotel Vancouver. The turnout for the two-day investment event was not …

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New Year’s Predictions

“Now they are talking about this new currency the argentino. You might as well take a newspaper and cut it up into little pieces of paper and call that money.” – Susana Diegas, Buenos Aires housewife, about the stillborn Argentinian currency – the Argentino. Predictions for 2002 It’s traditional to …

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