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Report From Vancouver: Part 1


Report from Vancouver (Part 1) We just attended the Vancouver Investment Conference in beautiful British Columbia, which was timed to finish just as the British Columbia and Yukon Chamber of Mines Conference started, in the elegant setting of the Hotel Vancouver. The turnout for the two-day investment event was not …

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New Year’s Predictions

“Now they are talking about this new currency the argentino. You might as well take a newspaper and cut it up into little pieces of paper and call that money.” – Susana Diegas, Buenos Aires housewife, about the stillborn Argentinian currency – the Argentino. Predictions for 2002 It’s traditional to …

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Straight Talk on Silver: Part 1


Market Commentary: They call it “convergence” in advertising. The CNN-AOL-Time Warner machine blitzkrieged us with unrelenting, shameless, in-your-face, blatant, HYPE; contriving and conspiring to fashion something as inconsequential as the opening of a kid’s movie – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosophers’ Stone in UK) – into not just …

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Four Gold Snapshots

Thai Gold

As divined by The Economist on September 15th, the overwhelming majority of companies have chosen to include the phrase “due to the events of September 11th” in their quarterly reports to explain away their corporate shrinking profits or growing losses. There is no doubt that the attacks enormously affected sectors …

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Investing in Diamond Stocks


Market comment: What do you say about this last week?? With gold back below $280US, is it headed back to $260US?? With a war going on in Afghanistan? With a potential war brewing next door between Pakistan and India? With religious rioting in Nigeria and Indonesia? With the anthrax scare? …

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The silver market is taking off!

Raw Silver

Market overview The silver market is taking off! Two reasons: the New York tragedy and all that it entails, and the placing in “voluntary administration” (September 19th) of Australian company Pasminco Ltd., which is the world’s largest integrated lead and zinc producer, and, according to their website, the world’s third …

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In the beginning…

Gold Bar

Hello out there in cyber land. This is the first in a series of educational essays concerning geology, mining, exploration, and the mining investment scene. I am pleased to see how many people out there want to become more savvy investors. The response to my Gold- Eagle.com and LeMetropolecafe.com articles …

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